When the generic drug market is often synonym of blockbuster race and cost cutting, STRAGEN has always been engaged in the development of Selected and Advanced Generics.

Thanks to our 30-year R&D know-how, we constantly aim at improving the existing therapeutics by offering: Niche molecules, Hard-to-make drugs and Innovative delivery forms to improve health daily practices.

european manufactured

Nowadays, this philosophy allows us to cover specific therapeutic areas such as anti-infectives, cardiology, oncology, oral contraception.

oral generic products


We specialize in the development and production management of complex low-concentration hormonal products, niche modified release drugs, and conventional release solid dosage forms.
parenteral generic products


We develop and manage the manufacturing of high-quality parenteral drugs, such as antibiotics (including Penicillin) and highly potent cytostatic agents.
gels and creams generic products


We offer expertise in the development and production of gels and creams.