In its continuous commitment to advancing public health, STRAGEN invests in the development up to proof of concept of patented new drugs addressing orphan diseases or unmet medical needs.

STRAGEN is honored to partner with biotechnology start-ups, renowned health institutes and innovative stakeholders such as the Institut Pasteur, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and BPI France who recognized the unique innovative approach and therapeutic potential of its drug candidates and support their development.

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We truly believe STRAGEN’s aspirations will pave the way for patients to benefit from these discoveries.


ALX-009 is developed by the new biotechnology start-up Alaxia in which STRAGEN acquired a significant stake in 2011.

ALX-009 is an innovative First-in-Class orphan drug combination of two endogenous substances administered by inhalation. ALX-009 is addressing a strong unmet medical need, targeting multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacterial infections not treatable by current antibiotic therapies by contributing to the lung’s innate immune system response.

2018: Phase I – First-in-Man clinical trials including Cystic Fibrosis patients. Evaluation of safety and tolerability of ALX-009 and its constituents.

2019: Start of Phase IIa – Proof of Concept in Cystic Fibrosis (Multidrug-Resistant infections in adults).


STR-324 is a First-in-Class non-opioid painkiller with a safe and non-addictive profile and innovative mode of action. Enkephalins are strong endogenous analgesic peptides that are quickly inactivated by peptidases NEP and APN. STR-324 is the synthetic equivalent of the natural human peptide inhibiting the degradation of enkephalin and thus amplifying their strong analgesic potential. Due to its unique mode of action, no opioid-like side effects are expected. Phase I study on healthy volunteers demonstrated that single doses of STR-324 are well tolerated with no significant side effects on any kind.

2018: Phase I – First-in-Man clinical trial to evaluate the safety and tolerability of single and multiple doses of STR-324.

2019: Phase IIa – Proof of Concept in post-operative pain.

2020: Phase IIa – Proof of Concept in neuropathic pain.

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