July 2018


Semester 1 has been successful for both Pharma & Consumer Health business.

Hereafter are the main outcomes. Enjoy the reading!


  • The success story of KEVESY in Iran: thanks to the strong medical expertise of the team, STRAGEN Darou succeeded to achieve 150’000 sold bags (500mg) after 2 years on the market. They expect to launch soon the 1500mg strength.
  • The Danish affiliate succeeded to achieve an extraordinary performance +65% over the budget driven by PIPTAZ and CLOXACILLIN sales at YTD May 2018.
  • PFS business, a new record with 1’328 boxes sold in May 2018! Good results specifically coming from Finland. Cumulated growth in units YTD May is +40% vs last year. Very positive trend pointing a promising future.
  • URAPIDIL ORAL is over performing in Germany partly thanks to originator out of stock: +23% over the budget at YTD May 2018.
  • NOMEGESTROL business is booming due to out of stock situations from the originator in several countries such as Belgium, France and Italy.
  • 2018 will be the year of URAPIDIL ORAL FRANCE! After more than 3 years of regulatory procedure, URAPIDIL ORAL will be launched in Q3 2018.


  • STRAGEN Vietnam strengthens its women’s health portfolio! Since its beginning in April 2017, the affiliate has been growing up well thanks to the best-seller PREGNASITOL and two new products in 2018, PREGNAIRON and RIDNE® Acne Serum. 2018 focus is to increase the pharmacy coverage, going from 8% to 45% between 2017 and end 2018. It will be linked to the extension of the sales team with 5 new reps (strengthening the current team of 2 regional manager and 7 Rep). STRAGEN Vietnam will be the platinum sponsor of the biggest Gynaecologist congress in Vietnam in November 2018 (HOSREM), and use this opportunity to invite an international KOL to be the speaker for PREGNASITOL.
  • STRAGEN Brazil is pursuing its success with FERTISOP by monthly selling ~5’000 boxes in Sao Paolo region only!  A clinical study will be performed locally with outcomes expected for Q1 2019.
  • The success story of SNIZTOP®! SNIZTOP® is now well-established thanks to its presence in about 20 countries. Some important launches have been postponed due to regulatory delays, including Spain with Normon, Italy with DMG, Philippines with Favorex, but also Turkey Pakistan and Korea.
  • The promising launch of LEVIKER®! Thanks to the increasing awareness of liver health linked to NASH or Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis, LEVIKER® is now well-established in this indication. LEVIKER® is already available in Portugal, Macedonia, MENA region, and will be launched soon in Italy, Turkey and ASEAN region.
  • New blockbusters acquired from Alliospharma, a french start-up specialized in women’s health: GYNEVIA & MENOVEL specifically targeting women vaginal health. Both products had great interest during their first introduction at Vitafoods 2018.
  • ENDELLIA development: strong focus will be for the second semester 2018 to get this high potential product available as from March 2019.



  • Phase I study of ALX-009 in Cystic fibrosis patients is ongoing (5 patients included already) to evaluate safety and tolerability of both constituents alone and in combination.
  • New clinical sites in Europe will be opened by end of 2018 to accelerate patients recruitment. UK, Czech Republic, Italy and Germany are currently under evaluation.
  • The conception phase of the production device is completed and the first functional prototype will be delivered for testing end of September 2018. Twenty devices will be produced to be dispatched on the new sites  in Europe to facilitate completion of the Phase I study. In parallel, the industrialization and qualification phases of the production device will carry on in preparation of the phase IIa clinical study.


  • The phase Ia-Ib clinical trial started on March 2018 and will permit to define if the product is safe and well tolerated.
    Part Ia of the study has ended and the interim analysis of  data demonstrates that,  at the tested doses,  STR-324 is well tolerated and safe.
    The Ib part of the study will be launched very soon and is expected to be completed on December 2018.
  • A Phase IIa clinical trial on the safety and efficacy of several doses of STR-324 to relieve  post-operative pain is planned for earlier 2019.

#1 EVENTS 2018

Vitafoods was held successfully last May in Geneva.

As usual, STRAGEN received high interest for the women’s health portfolio, especially for EllOva®, Endellia, Gynevia and Menovel as well as SniZtop® and Leviker®.

Next major event will be CPhI 2018 in Madrid from 9 to 11 October, preceded by the Affiliates Meeting on Monday, 8 October.

Mark the date!

Events – Semester 2 2018


The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly falling victim to counterfeit medicines, reimbursement fraud and theft throughout the supply chain. The problem is growing and taking preventive measures has become key to industry as Falsified medicines present a major threat to public health.

The European Union has established the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) Safety Features Delegated Regulation, meaning from early 2019, the serialization of licensed drug products will be a legal requirement for companies in the EU. Serialization will also become compulsory in the US from November 2018 in line with the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). To make the story short, it will be our license to sell Stragen’ products.

Implementing FMD and DSCSA will reach all corners of our company and meeting global serialization requirements can be time consuming and complex. To do so, Stragen has put together a dedicated project team to manage effectively the new data connections with 16 CMO’ and 50 MAH, impacting overall abt. 400 skus, and more than 10000 data attributes. BUT this project is not only about line upgrades & IT tools! It’s about all People & Functions being impacted, requiring a strong change management, and support from all, and this project can only be a Success through a collaborative approach. Let’s all embrace this challenge as an opportunity!

Sara CANOTO, Head of Supply Chain


As you may have seen, we launched few months ago Leviker®; SniZtop® Facebook & Instagram pages!

These new digital tools and more specifically communication on social medias contribute to the increasing awareness of STRAGEN in Consumer Health. But also to promote this range at an international level and inspire our partners worldwide.

Keep in mind that everyone within STRAGEN Group has a key role in the awareness & promotion of our products! We strongly encourage you to be part of Leviker® and SniZtop® communities by LIKING, SHARING, and DISCUSSING these pages! 🙂

Facebook Leviker®        –       Instagram Leviker®        –        Facebook Sniztop®        –       Instragram Sniztop®        –       Linkedin Stragen        –       Facebook SouSOP oficial


“Reinforce HR processes with affiliates to improve employee retention rate “

STRAGEN Group has experienced a strong growth in the last past years and the time has come to formalize the different processes in order to better plan our future. Putting in place corporate procedures is one of the many initiatives that will enable a long and successful planning. By doing so, each employee knows exactly what is expected of him and knows where to find the information.

Beyond putting rules into place, STRAGEN Group considers its employees at the center of its activities, valuing and recognizing the work provided of each, thus enabling the company to achieve its objectives. In the medium-term future, we will reorganize ourselves in order to be closer to our affiliates from an HR perspective, in terms of presence and reporting.

We also take the opportunity to warmly thank you for the contribution of all you allowing STRAGEN Group to maintain its entrepreneurial and proactive approach and continue to be an innovative, reliable and passionate partner in health care.

Alexandra SESIA, Head of Human Resources


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