SniZtop® Gum

Stragen is proud to launch the first chewing gum for fast allergy relief

Stragen now offers an innovative and effective form in the treatment of allergy symptoms:

  • Based on ovomucoids, glycoproteins derived from quail egg, SniZtop®Gum has a clinically proven efficacy on both allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis.
  • SniZtop®Gum reduces all bothersome allergy symptoms, such as rhinorrhoea and itchy eyes.
  • The gum allows an optimal sublingual absorption and a continuous release of bioactives. Patients will feel relieved as early as 5 minutes of chewing.

SniZtop®Gum offers a user-friendly solution to active people, in a highly convenient form. Besides, SniZtop®Gum is sugar free, with a natural mint-lemon flavour.

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