Digitalisation of SniZtop® & Leviker®

Apr 17, 2018 | Health Care Innovation

We are pleased to share the new Leviker® & SniZtop® Facebook & Instagram pages!

The posts are intended to help you managing your condition:

  With SniZtop® pages, manage your allergies in a new & natural way. You may be surprised to learn new things about SniZtop® and allergies!

 Leviker® pages help you to know more about your liver, about the crucial role this organ plays on our overall health.

You can also have more information regarding our SniZtop® and Leviker® partners worldwide!

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to be part of these pages by LIKING, SHARING, DISCUSSING our SniZtop®  & Leviker® Facebook & Instagram!

digitalisation of sniztop and leviker